Today I went to the Rapunzel Coronation in Kensington.  Sadly I didn’t get good photos of Snow White or Cinderella :( Tiana told me she liked my hair because “Green is my favourite colour!” in her southern accent :D



“It was a beautiful day today, and Rapunzel took a nice break by the Thames where she could admire the Tower Bridge. Only a few days left until she joins Disney royalty!”

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Bold and Beautiful


I woke up this morning to a really cool message in my ask box from a teacher who was going to use a post I put up about a few weeks ago as a project for her students.

Which was rather ironic because I was on the train this morning and I was thinking about that same post.

I went to visit my Dad who flew in a few days ago for work. As I was coming back I noticed all the unhappy faces and I thought ok, what was one of the lessons that I needed to work on? ” And while you walk, smile.” So here I was in a packed train, standing up, lost in the crowd.

I caught someones eyes and I smiled at him. He was hesitant at first and he might have thought I was a tad bit creepy but then he smiled back. Someone else caught my eye and I smiled. Within twenty minutes almost everyone in the carriage was smiling, laughing about something or looked just a little happier.

Then I thought well if a smile can light up a carriage full of people, what would it do in a crowd?

I got off at King’s Cross and I didn’t want to do it because I was embarrassed. Then I thought WHY? I’m Lyze and I’ll never see these people again. Besides another lessons said “Don’t take yourself so seriously.” I am too serious. I’m so focused on the Future that I forget to live in the Present. 

So I bought tea (darjeeling!). Picked a spot and sat down and just started to smile at people passing by. It sounds creepy and I got some odd looks at first but then gradually people started to smile back. Just a quick smile and they rushed on, but I still got a smile.

I smiled at the Police Officers who nodded back and smiled at each other. I smiled at tired passengers coming off the Eurostar who were surprised but smiled back. I smiled at those tired business men rushing to work with coffee and a newspaper. Guess what? Most of them smiled back. 

A smile is a beautiful gift. Even if you don’t understand what the other person is saying, a smile says it all. It crosses the language barrier and that is a pretty powerful thing.  A smile means the same in each culture, it doesn’t matter where you come from. A smile is a familiar face in a new and scary place. 

As cliche as this sounds this little experiment made me realize that change really does start with one person. Change starts with me and change starts with you

Go out there today and be bold and beautiful. 



Guh. I’m alive.

I don’t know how though. We flew through the tail end of Irene and there was about five minutes there where I pulled my rosary out and said every prayer I could think.

Made it to Londontown but my birds nest is calling and I need to sleep.